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ID labels for corporate use

According to The Billion-Dollar Lost Laptop Problem, a 2010 study conducted by Intel Corp. and the Ponemon Institute, of the over $2.1 billion in laptops lost in 2009, only 5% were recovered, with the economic impact of each lost laptop totaling a whopping $49,246. (This represents the average value of lost data, time, productivity and – most importantly – intellectual property.)

Although encryption, automated backup and other onboard tricks can dull the impact of any company's property loss, many companies (especially small ones) don't bother with the simplest countermeasure: an identification label that tells people who the equipment belongs to. 60% of lost laptops are simply declared "missing," compared to 40% that are lost due to known or likely theft – but if your assets don't have an identification label on them, an honest finder won't know who to call.

Parking lots are more prime territory for ID tags – most areas with limited parking or rigorous security use tags to make it easy to identify which cars belong and which don't, and these can be customized to use either numbering or barcode systems for easy identification. Custom parking permit labels work best when they include branding (and obviously, your parking lots will need auditing regularly, if not daily!).
Identification Tage
Laptops: easily lost, difficult to recover, and as it turns out, far more valuable on average than their price tags would suggest.

It can also be useful for companies, schools, hospitals and nonprofits to make sure visitors to their buildings are clearly identified – and that they can't reuse their tags. In a twist on "disappearing ink," some contemporary visitor tags use fold-over sections that project VOID in bright red letters after a set period of time (usually eight to 24 hours). Any organization with security concerns or sensitive information will be pleased to have an identification label solution that goes beyond "HI, MY NAME IS."
ID labels for Corporate Use
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