Identification Labels

Getting personal with identification labels

When we're teenagers, we might beg adults not to label us. But if identification labels didn't exist, and we were looking for one person we didn't know at a conference, we'd have to be personally introduced to everyone just to find them. Every year you sent your kids away to camp would be a year they'd come back wearing someone else's socks. Hospitals would lose their trauma patients' clothing. Libraries would have to shut down altogether. And what would your local coroner do without toe tags? We'd all be John or Jane Doe, and the world would be a hostile place indeed.

You'd go to the grocery store, and you'd never know which aisle was which. The tenants in every apartment building would mill around for hours, knocking on every door, because no one would know which door their apartment was behind. Just imagine the humiliation when you realize it: you just got lost in your own condominium complex. Parking lots would be an exercise in Kafkaesque confusion.

We jest, but in all seriousness,identification labels tell us what's what, who it belongs to, and who's who, and with more than enough confusion to go around already, what could be more important for our well-being?

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