Identification Labels

Advantages of barcode identification labels

It's easy enough to print a name on a label and smack it on whatever belongs to your company, but using a barcode system has serious advantages over numerical systems, and even over more advanced radio-monitored RFID asset management.

Barcode identification is the essential ingredient of any asset tracking and materiel auditing plan for any company, nonprofit, school or local government – it's easily monitored using scanners from smartphones to industrial-strength omnidirectional laser scanners. The advent of cheap and free scanning apps has also meant cheap and free asset tracking software – so managing a business that's heavily invested in expensive, portable assets like laptops, power tools or audiovisual equipment doesn't have to be as daunting as it might have been twenty years ago – no ledgers need ever disturb your desk.

Barcodes themselves have undergone a revolution in recent years, with QR (quick read) codes becoming increasingly common, and enabling long strings of text or even website URLs to be picked up by scanner. Imagine a QR code that could be scanned by smartphone and automatically direct the scanner to a website as a way of "checking in" – this technology would have cost thousands as little as ten years ago, but today it would barely put a dent in a small business owner's budget.
Barcode Identification Labels
There are easier ways to manage your assets.

In addition, barcode tags can feature prominent branding, making certain that anyone who sees them knows they're spoken for. Thieves are less likely to take something if they know it's being tracked, so a prominently placed barcode identification label can be half the battle in keeping your possessions where they're supposed to be!

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